Private 1 on 1 Training

Simi will provide 60 minutes of high intensity training tailored to each client's personal needs and goals. The sessions can take place anywhere in London; parks, personal residences and any open space that does not limit movement. Simi brings with her a kit and based on the work out plan agreed with the client she may recommend the pruchase of some speciality equipment (gloves, skip rope, etc.).

Some clients choose to share the cost, and tend to include another participant in the session which is charged at the same rate. The total number of extra participants is at Simi's discretion and depends on a number of factors, including location and activity type.

 "Training with Simi introduced me to the concept of boxing and it completely changed how I felt about myself. Apart from the huge fitness benefits, it also helped me mentally regain some confidence and self belief"_ Kate Prince.


"Simi Trained me when I was pregnant. She kept me motivated to keep up a decent level of fitness which made it so much easier to return to normal training after birth"_ Claire Bonavero.


"Simone has been my trainer for some years and she has changed my life. She got me over a knee injury that I carried along for over 15 eyars and she taught me to enjoy using my body. I became stronger, and I learned many things, inlcuding how to box (although she called me Scooby Doo), and how to beat challenges. She is simply the best"_ Martina Meluzzi.


"Simi you are amazing! You will always be the girl that taught me to jump rope!"_ Alex Foster.


"What's really great about Simi is that even if you are nothing in fitness, particularly boxing she will always find a way to motivate you and with good hard work you can achieve amazing results in a short time period! She's not only a good trainer but also a great friend. When reading a review one would expect to see pros and cons of the trainer, but there are no cons of training with Simi."_ Aiten Mehidevya


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 "Simi is a fantastic trainer. Friendly, knowledgable, confident, and most importantly she balances motivation with pushing you to be your best. Couldn't recommend her enough!"_ Suneil Berri